Geoffrey Gottesman

Geoff is the Managing Director at Genesis. Geoff is responsible to ensure that the best opportunity is procured on every case brought to market and uses his extensive leveraging strategies to assure that goal is accomplished. Through his knowledge of market capital, his outside the box approach and stellar relationships with funding managers, Geoff has been able to obtain offers and close some of the hardest cases in the industry, cases even Provider’s believed were not feasible.

While making sure each client is treated like the only client, Geoff is expanding Genesis’s growth. Geoff assists financial and legal professionals on both becoming more aware of life settlements and how to implement life settlements into their practice.

Geoff was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and is a diehard Montreal Canadiens ( HABS) fan. Geoff went to study abroad for a year and a half and then moved to New York to pursue a degree in Finance.

Geoff, along with his wife and two kids, , live in NYC.


Brandi Wills

Brandi Wills is the Marketing Director at Genesis. Her focus is on connecting with financial services professionals and policyholders, educating them on the many benefits of life settlements. By introducing this audience to Genesis, she hopes to help these people get the best possible settlements for policies and feel comfortable with and confident in the process.

Brandi was born and raised in Kansas and attended the University of Kansas, majoring in English Literature and Film Studies. For the past 10 years she has worked in journalism and marketing, helping companies tell their stories and increase their awareness. She moved to New York City in 2014, and she currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their dog.



David Chait

David joined the Genesis team in 2016 as the Senior Sales Associate for the Midwest.

David’s goal is to spread awareness to financial and legal professionals about the opportunity the life settlement market presents for them and their clients.

David enjoys spending time with his family.  His hobbies include photography, swimming and playing ping pong. David’s real passion is to make a difference to this world.  Nights and weekends David supervises and mentors at risk teens helping them stay in a healthy safe environment. At Genesis David enjoys helping families and individuals have a better tomorrow



Michael Yurcho

Mike joins Genesis as Senior Managing Director for our Western Region and will use his expertise to expand the work of Genesis to that region. He will work with financial institutions, brokers, agents, and their clients to provide valuable information on the benefits of life settlements as a viable financial tool and as a planned giving strategy.

Mike began his career in La Jolla, CA in insurance and premium financing after earning his MS degree from the University of Tennessee. Licensed in Life and Health insurance, he returned to his home state of New Jersey in 2006 and worked as Director of Longevity Markets for Four Seasons Financial Group, Inc. In that capacity, he worked with banks and financial institutions to bring life insurance premium finance options to brokers and agents and their clients while assisting in underwriting transactions. His experience includes traditional and hybrid financing along with hands on work in life insurance and the annuity marketplace as well as life settlements. His knowledge of the use of insurance products has helped clients by using an assortment of proven strategies that incorporate these products and financing applications.

While at Four Seasons, Mike was among the top 25% of national insurance producers for Lincoln Benefit Life and also received the Lincoln Benefit Life Insurance Top National Producer award for April of 2007.

In 2010, Mike joined ICM Solutions, LLC, a One Hundred Years Company as Vice President of National Sales and continued working with brokers and agents and their clients to obtain an insurance solution that was best tailored to meet their financial needs.

Besides his work in the insurance industry, Mike is co-owner of a franchised restaurant in New Jersey and also served as volunteer assistant track and field coach at Princeton University for five years.

Mike and his wife, Lexine, currently reside in Central California.


Successful Settlements

  • 86 year old female
    Policy Face Amount: $500,000 Cash Surrender Value: $0 Genesis Procured: $150,000 An eighty six year old woman with a $500,000 policy no longer required the …