How to Get Started

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Genesis is a complete life settlement broker. We pride ourselves on our exemplary white glove service. A life settlement as a whole might sound complicated and tricky, on the contrary, it is quite simple and Genesis is here to guide you through it from start to finish.

How do I begin? All you need to do is fill out a few simple and clear guided forms. That is all you need to do! Upon receiving your starting forms, we as the life settlement broker go ahead and begin to underwrite the case. We collect medical records, obtain life expectancy studies and obtain necessary policy information from the carrier. Once the underwriting process is complete, we send the case out to our provider/funding network. These groups are firms that we have worked with extensively over many years and many whom we enjoy some of strongest relationships in our industry.

We will keep you fully updated as your case progresses through the pricing process and work as diligently as possible to procure an offer on your particular policy. We will maintain regular communication with you during the process and if you ever have any questions, we are available to talk with you at any time.

Successful Settlements

  • 85 year old female
    Policy Face Amount: $6,500,000 Cash Surrender Value: $0 Genesis Procured: $860,000 An 85 year old female with a $ 6,500,000 UL policy, per the family …